HD video conferencing for your business. Now only $5. Make BlueJeans the go-to web conferencing solution for your small business at a discounted rate with your Verizon Fios plan.

Fios Internet for Business and Business Digital Voice in New Jersey

Get the speed and reliability you need in the Garden State.

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Be a part of the thriving business scene in New Jersey.

New Jersey is home to 21 different Fortune 500 headquarters, but 50% of employees in the state work for small businesses! This just goes to show how diverse the business community is the Garden State.

Verizon understands that the needs of each company in New Jersey can vary widely, which is why it provides a broad spectrum of business services along with Fios Internet for Business, allowing you to customize your plan to suit your company’s needs.

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Regardless of the plan you choose, getting Verizon business services allows you and your employees to do your best work. With Verizon Business, your New Jersey company can get a dedicated Fios line, so you don’t have to worry about your connection slowing down during peak usage hours.

And because your connection is fiber-optic, you’ll get faster internet speeds, high quality audio on every phone call and exceptional reliability. To find out more, give us a call today!

Products and pricing in New Jersey

Fios Internet for Business and Business Digital Voice in New Jersey

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Internet + Voice

$94/mo. 1st yr.

Fios 100 Mbps

1 VoIP line only +$10/mo. 2nd yr

w/ 2-yr agmt.

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Internet + Voice


Fios 300 Mbps

1 VoIP Line

w/2-yr agmt.

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Video conferencing done right with BlueJeans by Verizon.

BlueJeans by Verizon lets you meet with your teams virtually, no matter where in the world they may be. And with in-app intelligence, BlueJeans highlights the most important parts of a meeting, including discussion points and action items, and even replays those highlights. With a name you can trust and enterprise-grade security, BlueJeans will fit your company like a nice pair of denims.

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Verizon was rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction with Small Business Wireline Service, 3 Years in a Row

For J.D. Power 2021 Award Information visit jdpower.com/awards.

Choose your Verizon business internet plan



Fios 100 Mbps

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Fios 300 Mbps

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Choose your Verizon TV plan

Extreme HD

270+ channels (90+ HD) channels in HD

The best sports action, award-winning original series and documentary features.


Plus taxes, fees and equipment charges. No contract required.

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Ultimate HD

325+ channels (160+ HD) channels in HD

A popular package for total entertainment junkies. Get access to all of the top sports and movies.


Plus taxes, fees and equipment charges. No contract required.

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Enhance your company’s image with Verizon Business Digital Voice in New Jersey.

A man leans over a counter, a cell phone held up to his ear. A man leans over a counter, a cell phone held up to his ear. A man leans over a counter, a cell phone held up to his ear.

Maintaining a solid line of communication between your company, your clients, your investors and your partners is key to running a successful business, especially in a market with as many international ties as New Jersey.

Dropped calls, poor call quality and an inconvenient lack of features can make your otherwise competent company look unprofessional and mediocre. Fortunately, Business Digital Voice from Verizon can help!

Plus, you get an impressive list of features! You can have your calls routed to whatever number you want, have your voicemails sent directly to your email, and use Instant Messaging to communicate with clients—that way, you never have to miss an opportunity.

And with features like Music on Hold, Call Hold & Resume and Call Transfer, you get all the tools you need to maintain a polished, professional image with your customers and more.

Whether you’re a small business with one or two employees or you’re working for one of the key financial players in New Jersey’s “Wall Street West”, it pays to invest in quality VoIP service. Call now to learn more about Business Digital Voice service.

Verizon Fios Internet for Business helps New Jersey entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

Verizon Fios Internet for Business helps New Jersey entrepreneurs expand.

Since the invention of the phonograph by Thomas Edison in 1877, New Jersey has been a center of innovation and progress. Like the Wizard of Menlo Park, many businesses today continue to push for advancements in their industries, which is one of the reasons why New Jersey is considered among the top areas in the nation for entrepreneurs.

Of course, such innovation would not be possible without a strong internet connection.

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With Verizon Fios Internet for Business, New Jersey business owners can get the speed and reliability they need to expand their company’s horizons.

Fios Internet for Business connections are delivered via fiber-optics, which means you can maintain your site, do research, respond to customer requests and more.

Precision Tuning Motorsports, located in Spotswood, NJ, depends on the Verizon network.

Why waste work time fixing problems that shouldn’t exist? Precision Tuning Motorsports loves the reliability of Verizon Fios for Business.

New Jersey prioritizes its broadband infrastructure.

Most people’s quality of life is drastically improved by access to fast, reliable internet speeds. New Jersey understands this better than most states, which is why its Office of Information Technology works so tirelessly to improve the state’s broadband infrastructure.

The NJOIT partners with local internet providers to improve broadband mapping throughout the Garden State, providing more residents with access to higher quality connections.

This has led to New Jersey being rated the #2 state in the nation in terms of their level of broadband penetration, meaning people and businesses in New Jersey are better equipped to get the speeds they need. If you’re ready for a fast and reliable connection, get Fios Internet for Business today.

Verizon is invested in New Jersey.

Verizon cares about its business and residential customers in New Jersey! In the past five years alone, Verizon has invested more than $4 billion dollars in its New Jersey telecommunications wireline infrastructure.

In addition, Verizon has invested significantly in its expansion of wireless and fiber-optic options for New Jerseyans.

Businesses in a variety of industries thrive in New Jersey.

New Jersey is truly a global market. With the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey currently acting as the 3rd busiest port in the nation, the state is able to provide manufacturers and national distributors like ToysRUs® and Bed Bath & Beyond® with the easy access to imports and exports that they need.

This easy access to international shipping lines also makes New Jersey an ideal place for international businesses, with more than 1,100 multinational companies running bases out of the Garden State.

Combine that with the state’s close proximity to the bustling New York City financial district, and it’s little wonder that New Jersey has earned the reputation of being a “Wall Street West”.

Several notable financial giants (including Prudential Financial, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs and more) are either headquartered or run large operations in the state, opening up opportunities for well-qualified and well-educated workers to thrive.

New Jersey also takes great pride in its history of innovation and technology. Indeed, New Jersey was home to Thomas Edison’s research and development facility in Menlo Park starting back in the 19th century.

Today, several major corporations have headquarters and research labs in the region, including Johnson & Johnson. And as the second-most connected state in the nation, New Jersey continues to prioritize its technology sector, where an impressive 63% of tech workers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Did you know?

New Jerseyans enjoy internet speeds of 42.9 Mbps on average.


Professional, Scientific and Technical Services



Other Services (except Public Administration)








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