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Your business deserves reliable internet.

$69/mo. 1st yr. 1-yr. price guarantee Fios 100 Mbps+ 1 VoIP line for $25/mo.

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Fios 100 Mbps

Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

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Fios 300 Mbps

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The biggest cyber threat is not doing anything at all.

28% of small and medium sized businesses have had their mobile security compromised.* Help Safeguard your business with a suite of security solutions built for your business. Verizon Business Internet Secure for Fios is 24/7 security protection for your business, even when you’re sleeping.

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Winner: Fastest business internet provider

Verizon business:

“Perhaps bolstered by buying our last year’s winner, XO Communications, Verizon’s divisions targeting internet access for business showed a marked speed improvement, enough to push it into an arena where any office should consider it first for access.”—PC Mag**

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Internet that's ready for your small business

Other providers may claim to have the fastest internet but only Fios gives you upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. And upload speeds that match your download speeds can save your business precious minutes every day. So whatever you do online, whether it's uploading or downloading files, you can do it fast. Plus you'll get a powerful business advantage:

  • Unparalleled 100% fiber-optic network with speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Professional on-site installation with flexible scheduling
  • 24/7 business-class support for your internet and a 30-day money-back guarantee
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Why uploads matter:

Did you know that whenever you send an email attachment, back up files to the cloud or share a large file or video, you're uploading? Fact is, we're uploading more than ever. And if you're going to keep up with business, you need upload speeds that can keep up with everything you do online. That's why Verizon Fios offers matching upload and download speeds.

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Verizon received the highest score among small/medium businesses in the J.D. Power 2017-2019 Business Wireline Satisfaction Study of customers' satisfaction with their business wireline service.


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