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Give your customers a premium calling experience that keeps them coming back.

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What is business VoIP—and how can it help your business thrive?

Business VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, combines voice, internet and desktop capabilities, so calls get through. Customers can get the answers they need.

Even during an unexpected rush, you can handle incoming calls and keep wait times under control.

With business VoIP, you can improve voice communications and more.

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Your business VoIP phone system is housed in the cloud, not in your building to help keep your business up and running when an outage or disaster hits.

Also you can track data and use it to predict peak calling times. You can add messaging, conference calling, and presence to make it easier for co-workers to stay in touch—whether they're in or out of the office.

Best of all, you can keep your customers happy by:

Routing calls to the right person the first time.

Making it easy for employees to pull in experts if they don’t have all the answers.

Giving customers multiple ways to stay in contact with you—email, live chat, instant messaging or video conferencing.

Signs that you’re ready to switch to business VoIP.


You have a lot to lose if your phone system goes down.

If your business model depends on reliable phone service, VoIP can help. Verizon VoIP services offer a highly reliable and accessible voice system.


Your business is growing.

Traditional and hybrid phone systems can’t compete with the flexibility of VoIP. VoIP lets you add lines and phones quickly with a mere customer service call.


You have remote offices or mobile workers.

VoIP lets your employees connect to the system, whether they’re working from home or traveling to a conference, partner meeting, or remote office.

Press 1 if PBX seems old school. Business VoIP serves up modern capabilities.

Improve your customer experience.

You can fine-tune call flow so customers get the information they need without jumping through hoops.

Save money.

You get unlimited local and long distance calling. And you can simplify your system and control costs by consolidating your voice and data network.

Boost productivity.

Connect all your locations and quickly reach co-workers by desk phone, mobile phone or chat.

Grow more easily.

Because VoIP is digital, it’s easy to reconfigure, so you can add or subtract lines or move extensions as you need to.

​VoIP vs. analog: Is your old phone system holding you back?

Those copper lines connecting your analog system to the world have limitations. Customers can get a busy signal or route to nowhere and endlessly ring—and you might not know it until they call with a complaint.

And if you need to add or move lines, you’re looking at an expensive installation process.

Business VoIP reviews: This healthcare company gives hosted VoIP two thumbs up.

“We’re able to communicate easier, we’re able to get in touch with each other faster, and we’re able to make changes to the system immediately.”

—Patrick Meyers, CEO, Healthcare Connection of Tampa

Take better care of customers with business VoIP.

Whether you're a doctor's office, a law firm or a manufacturer, your phone line is the lifeline of your business.

With a business VoIP system, you can give customers the attention they deserve—and set your business apart from the competition.

Fifty-three percent of people say they spend 10-20 minutes on hold every week. 1 That adds up to 780 minutes per year—or 13 hours—spent waiting.

Companies lose up to 15% of their customer base each year. Even more unsettling, 68% of customers leave due to indifference or unresponsiveness, with call waiting being a notable contributor to that dissatisfaction. 2

Make life easier for your customers. With business VoIP, you can route customers more efficiently, act quickly, and cut the hold times.

A business VoIP phone is simple to install and activate right out of the box.

It’s so user-friendly that you can make significant changes using self-service tools.

Unsure if you have the right business solutions in place? We’re here to help.

People interested in hosted VoIP phone solutions should consider Verizon Virtual Communications Express.

Paired with complementary products such as Fios for Business or Verizon Internet Dedicated Services, our hosted VoIP solution works with other Verizon products to help your business run more efficiently. If you have existing phone equipment, we can also help you set up a BYOD solution.

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