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Dedicated internet

Don’t let sluggish internet slow your business down.

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​What is dedicated internet, and how can it help you move forward faster?

Dedicated internet access gives you consistent connectivity and fast internet speeds, so your business can depend on smooth connections throughout the day.

While slow internet is annoying when you’re binge-watching your new favorite show, for your business, the stakes are much higher.

Poor internet performance during an important videoconference could cost you sales. For connections you can count on, you need dedicated internet.

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Signs you might be ready for dedicated internet


Your business is experiencing unacceptable delays.

If your team can’t quickly access your cloud-based CRM applications, dedicated internet could help boost productivity and let you respond to customer needs more quickly.


You’ve almost outgrown your basic internet plan.

If you’re pushing the top business internet speeds available in your area and still have plans to increase staffing or move applications to the cloud, dedicated internet can help you increase your bandwidth and keep up the pace.

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​Use Case: VoIP works better with dedicated internet

Dedicated internet can help you make the most of new technologies that your business needs to stay competitive. For instance, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communications can help you simplify your phone system, better handle customer calls and save money as your business grows.

If you’re using a slow internet connection for this, you may experience inconsistent speeds that can affect the voice quality and overall functionality of VoIP.

Over a dedicated connection, your VoIP calls can have the right amount of bandwidth each time—and you’ll still have enough bandwidth to keep other applications running smoothly.

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What you can expect with Verizon Internet Dedicated Services

There when you need it.

Our service is backed by stringent service level agreements (SLAs). Plus, you can add Verizon 4G LTE Wireless Backup for added business continuity benefits.

Speeds from 1.5 to 50-plus Mbps.

Need to support multiple users at a single location? No problem. Our speeds handle big data. Availability varies by location.

Tools to make smarter decisions.

Powerful management tools to give your team insights into bandwidth and network performance—plus 24/7 phone support.

Unsure if you have the right business solutions in place? We’re here to help.

People interested in dedicated internet should consider Verizon Internet Dedicated Services.

Paired with complementary products such as Verizon Private IP networking and Virtual Communications Express premium hosted VoIP, our business dedicated internet solution helps your business run more efficiently.

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