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The Fios Router opens a world of internet capabilities.

Optimize your internet with a powerful,
cutting-edge router.

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Fios Router specs

The Fios Router is equipped with a dual-core processor, allowing for faster wired and wireless performance. WAN and LAN ethernet cables support speeds up to 1000 Mbps. This router features AC1750 Wi-Fi - Next-generation gigabit Wi-Fi; up to 3x faster than conventional wireless-N.

A stronger connection is a stronger business plan.

Your Fios Router provides the highest level of both integrated wireless and wired networking. Fios wired networking handles both coax and ethernet cables:

  • Connect a coaxial cable using the industry standard multimedia over coax alliance (MOCA) bridge, which supports speeds up to 700 Mbps.
  • For faster speeds up to 1000 Mbps, connect your devices using CAT 5e or CAT 6 ethernet lines to the built-in 4-port ethernet switch

The Fios Router’s wireless access point network connection features:

  • Built-in hardware for connecting wireless devices
  • Ability for multiple wireless devices to connect to the local area network (LAN) using 2.54 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network

You’d be surprised at how your business can thrive off of an uninterrupted, reliable connection. Whether it’s wired or wireless, it’s worth putting serious thought into when considering if the Fios Router is for you.

Key players in the Fios Router game:

Wi-Fi Extender

If you’re looking to spread the reach of your Wi-Fi coverage to the barren outskirts of your office, a Fios Wi-Fi Extender might be in order. This device receives the Wi-Fi signal coming in and amplifies it, in most cases nearly doubling your Wi-Fi range. The extender immediately boosts your network’s signal strength and directs it to patchy areas and dead zones, reaching remote office corners and even providing internet access between different floors of your building. Your Wi-Fi extender can even deliver connectivity outside of the building. Fios internet is fast, but its speed means nothing if it can’t even reach your devices.


The Optical Network Terminal (ONT) acts as a conduit between your Fios internet services. It consists of a box installed either on the outside or inside of your home and communicates directly with your network, converting the optical signal transmitting through your fiber connection into separate channels for your Fios TV, internet, and phone services. The ONT translates the pulses of light coming through the fiber cables into electric signals that your phone, TV, and computer can all understand and operate on. Those signals in turn are converted back into light pulses when sent back through your fiber-optic connection.

Fios Router setup

Setting up your Fios Router is simple.

  1. Plug your ethernet cable into an available high-speed internet outlet (the lights will turn white).
  2. Connect your device to the Fios Router using the provided ethernet cable and select the proper wireless network.
  3. Configure your Fios Router on myfiosrouter.com with the provided password.
Several employees in an office sit working on desktop computers.

Why Fios business internet is the key to your success.

The business world doesn’t slow down, and you can’t afford to either if you want to keep an edge on the competition. Verizon Fios business internet matches whatever pace you require and guarantees upload speeds just as fast as download speeds through its pure fiber-optic connection.

You can watch a high-definition video conference with no lag time or download a webinar in seconds. You can connect all of your employee tech when you choose from varying degrees of Fios internet bandwidth.

All of this is amplified with a Fios Router. Designed to be compatible with remarkably fast Fios internet speeds, your customers will receive the best service possible. With the capacity to connect multiple devices, you can give your customers guest Wi-Fi access to ultimately improve their experience at your business, or make your waiting rooms more entertaining with Fios TV, all of which is effortlessly sustained through your Fios Router. Isn’t it about time you made the most out of your workday? Discover what true speed and efficiency are.

Fios business internet only pricing

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200 Mbps

200/200 Mbps

Symmetrical speeds, for supporting local apps, email and Wi-Fi connected devices.


/mo. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

  • Plan details

  • Unlimited data.

  • 30-day money back guarantee on 2-year term.

  • +$25 per month for one Business Digital Voice line.


  • Get up to a $1,500 credit to help cover costs to switch, with 2-year term.
  • Fios Business Internet + Business Digital Voice

    View details


    Internet + Voice

    200 Mbps

    200/200 Mbps


    Per month. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

    One-year price guarantee

    1 VoIP Line

    Offer & pricing details Call 1-866-517-9486


  • Get up to a $1,500 credit to help cover costs to switch, with 2-year term.
  • Available Extras

    Save $85 on your first IP phone.

    Add additional Business Digital Voice lines for $25/mo

    Say goodbye to copper internet lines and hello to Fios—plus $30 off.

    Fios is the only internet that offers upload speeds as fast as download speeds.

    Your business moves fast — Verizon makes it move faster.


    Get Fios triple play action when you bundle.

    Juggling multiple bills is more than a hassle—it’s a waste of time. Upgrade your operations and save money when you bundle your Fios business services.


    The Fios Router stays ahead of the curve.

    Your Fios Router is a straight shot to the most powerful internet capabilities available. It’s not just a router—it’s your business’s pathway to success.


    Opt for the best network in the business.

    The bar has been raised, and Verizon has met the standard for 11 consecutive years. Find out firsthand why our network is second to none.


    Advance with the front lines of tech innovation.

    As the saying goes: nothing ventured, nothing gained. Explore the opportunities that Verizon presents and discover a faster way for you to do business.

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