Your State’s Most-Googled “Free” Class

Jul 29 | By Brandon Jarman

When the pandemic reached the United States, many people found themselves staying at home in quarantine to avoid the spread of COVID-19. With more time on our hands than usual, quite a few of us took to binge-watching favorite shows or finally getting to tasks we had put off. 

However, many people across the nation decided to try a little something new. With access to free classes just a few keystrokes away thanks to Google, people were turning to online classes for free instruction on interests such as how to bake, photography, or arts and crafts. So what was the most popular googled free class in your state? The team at VerizonSpecials decided to find out.

Which “Free” Class is Your State’s Top Pick?

Interesting Findings

  • Out of fifty states, fourteen states—including Arkansas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania—chose free online classes for DIY projects making it the most popular nationwide.  
  • With the natural beauty of New Mexico, it’s no wonder that free Arts & Craft classes were the most popular for the Land of Enchantment. 
  • District of Columbia is the only region that found free cooking classes to be the best use of time. 
  • Virginia is the only state most interested in free gym classes.
  • Even with the weather improving, Idaho and Oregon were the only two states googling free gardening classes. 


VerizonSpecials looked at search volume for people who are looking for free online classes on Google between May 20, 2019, to May 20, 2020, using Google Trends to find what each state searched the most.

AlabamaDIY Online Classes
AlaskaOnline Yoga Classes
ArizonaDIY Online Classes
ArkansasDIY Online Classes
CaliforniaDesign Classes
ColoradoDIY Online Classes
ConnecticutPhotography Classes
DelawareWriting Classes
District of ColumbiaCooking Classes
FloridaDesign Classes
GeorgiaDIY Online Classes
HawaiiLanguage Classes
IdahoGardening Classes
IllinoisDesign Classes
IndianaDIY Online Classes
IowaContinuing Education Classes
KansasDesign Classes
KentuckyDIY Online Classes
LouisianaDIY Online Classes
MaineBaking Classes
MarylandDesign Classes
MassachusettsDesign Classes
MichiganDIY Online Classes
MinnesotaPhotography Classes
MississippiWriting Classes
MissouriDIY Online Classes
MontanaBaking Classes
NebraskaBaking Classes
NevadaWriting Classes
New HampshireBaking Classes
New JerseyWriting Classes
New MexicoArts & Crafts Classes
New YorkContinuing Education Classes
North CarolinaContinuing Education Classes
North DakotaContinuing Education Classes
OhioDIY Online Classes
OklahomaWriting Classes
OregonGardening Classes
PennsylvaniaDIY Online Classes
Rhode IslandBaking Classes
South CarolinaPhotography Classes
South DakotaWriting Classes
TennesseeDIY Online Classes
TexasDesign Classes
UtahPhotography Classes
VermontOnline Yoga Classes
VirginiaGym Classes
WashingtonPhotography Classes
West VirginiaBaking Classes
WisconsinDIY Online Classes
WyomingBaking Classes

To Wrap Things Up

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