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Existing Verizon Fios customer? Call one of these numbers.

If you already have Verizon Fios services and need billing help or technical support, please call one of the following numbers.

Fios Technical Support

Can’t access your favorite channels? Having a hard time connecting your phone service? Call 1-844-439-9998 for to get Verizon Fios tech support.

Verizon Fios Internet Support

Internet down? Connect to an expert instantly by calling the following Verizon Internet tech support number: Call 1-844-439-9998 .

Verizon Fios Television Support

Verizon Fios Television support is simple. Call the Verizon Fios contact number below and describe your problem. A Verizon expert will get right to work examining your issue: Call 1-844-439-9998 .

Verizon Fios Billing Support

If you’re having a hard time paying your bill, call this Fios number for immediate assistance: Call 1-844-439-9998 .

Get Verizon Fios today! Get Verizon Fios today!
Call 1-844-439-9998
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