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Introducing the Fios TV app from Verizon.

It's the only streaming app you'll ever want.

With the new Fios TV app, it's smart, intuitive, and makes it easy to find your favorites, watch episodes, and explore recommended watchlists. Stream live TV, On Demand, premium channels, and your DVR too. Simply download the Fios TV app as soon as you sign up for Fios TV and get access to select Fios TV content even before your service gets installed. Plus, enjoy streaming data-free on Verizon Wireless. Change your TV game with the Fios TV app.

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Watch TV virtually anywhere.

The Fios TV app ensures you can watch TV you’ve missed while you sit at the DMV, catch up on the first film of a series while you’re waiting in line to see the second, or savor a good show recorded on your DVR while you curl up in bed. Watching whatever you want, whenever you want: that’s the power of the Fios TV app.

  • Stream On Demand, live TV, recorded shows, and more
  • Catch the best shows and movies on the go
  • Take your Fios TV service and DVR with you virtually anywhere you go

TV on the go.

Stream live TV, live sports, breaking news and more.

It’s the only streaming app you’ll ever want.

The Fios TV app takes your typical TV-watching experience to a new level. By putting thousands of movies and hundreds of channels at your fingertips, the Fios TV app ensures you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want on any compatible mobile device—and it's included with your Fios TV subscription.


The Fios TV app works with your other smart devices to make life easier than ever. If you have a smart TV, use the app as a mobile remote control when you’re at home and cast whatever you’re watching onto the big screen. The app also gives you remote DVR control so you can manage settings on the go.


Don’t expect a steep learning curve the first time you open your Fios TV app. The simple-to-use, easy-to-access menu streamlines your searching process, and you can search and sort by genre, actor, rating, channel, show title, and more. Manage your DVR, view On Demand, and download shows, no hassle necessary.


Not sure what to watch next? Don’t worry: your Fios TV app is a step ahead. With curated watchlists based on your viewing preferences, it won’t take you long to find your next favorite. Plus, you can access your DVR recordings, download premium content to watch offline, and watch On Demand movies, too.


The Fios TV app gives you a totally comprehensive streaming experience. Download the app immediately after you sign up for Fios TV to watch shows even before your home service is installed. Along with enjoying live TV on the go, tap into hundreds of On Demand shows and thousands of movies whenever you like.


Streaming the best entertainment shouldn’t take a chunk out of your data plan. Instead, if Verizon is your Fios TV provider and you’re a Verizon Wireless customer, you can use the app to stream data-free.

Start streaming immediately after you order.

You don’t have to wait for your Fios TV to be set up to start watching your favorites. Instead, as soon as you become a Verizon customer, go to your preferred app store and create your account for immediate access to the best Fios TV can offer—no set-top box required.

Remember, no matter how many on-the-go channels you stream, you can do so data-free when you use Verizon Wireless. Sign up today to make the most of your app’s features and get all the perks for Verizon Fios subscribers.

The Fios TV app can be used with any compatible web-enabled mobile device, including tablets like iPads and Android and Apple smartphones of all makes, models, shapes, and sizes.

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