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Explore the best of Fios TV with 425+ channels for 60 days. Then, our digital tool will recommend the perfect package for what you watch.

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  • 1st Set Top Box rental included

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Fios TV Test Drive

425+ channels




  • 2-month trial of streaming device connection bundle (with Fios Internet plan)16

Available Extras

  • Test 425+ channels for 60 days, then we'll recommend the best plan for you.
  • 1st Set Top Box rental included
  • Your Fios TV

    125+ channels




    • $50 Visa Gift Card****
    • 2-month trial of streaming device connection bundle (with Fios Internet plan)16

    Available Extras

  • Pick your 5 favorite channels and we'll recommend a package with 125+ channels for you
  • 1st Set Top Box rental included
  • Add Set Top Box for $12/mo
  • More Fios TV

    225+ channels




    • $50 Visa Gift Card****
    • 2-month trial of streaming device connection bundle (with Fios Internet plan)16

    Available Extras

  • 1st Set Top Box included
  • Basic DVR Service included

    The Most Fios TV

    425+ channels




    • $200 Verizon Gift Card****
    • Streaming device connection bundle included (with Fios internet plan)16

    Available Extras

  • 1st Set Top Box included
  • Multi-Room DVR included
  • Premium channels like The Movie Channel, Epix and Showtime included
  • YouTube TV

    85+ channels




    • Unlimited DVR storage space

    Available Extras

  • 85+ Channels
  • Fios TV Mundo

    210+ channels



    Available Extras

  • 1st Set Top Box Included
  • Basic DVR Service included
  • Fios TV Mundo Total

    215+ channels



    Available Extras

  • 1st Set Top Box Included
  • Basic DVR Service Included
  • Online exclusive: Order online and get your standard setup charge waived – a $99 value.

    What is Verizon Fios TV?

    Verizon Fios TV uses a 100% fiber-optic network to bring you crystal-clear picture quality and hundreds of channels, many in HD.

    Your Fios TV allows customers to take their TV experience into their own hands and choose five different channels they are interested in. Verizon will then recommend a TV channel line-up based on your preferences.

    Choose a Fios TV package that suits your needs.

    Fios TV is television your way. Get a variety of channels and entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Plus, since Fios runs on a 100% fiber-optic network, you'll get brilliant picture quality. Compare your Fios TV packages below:

    Your Fios TV

    Now with Your Fios TV you can personalize your TV package by picking your top five channels. And the best part? We'll recommend a package of 125+ channels that will be based on your preferences.

    More Fios TV

    There’s never a dull moment with More Fios TV. Get comedy channels like Comedy Central, sports channels like ESPN, and entertainment channels like MTV and TNT. You’ll always find something to watch and love.

    The Most Fios TV

    If you’re an entertainment junkie, this package is for you. The Most Fios TV package includes premium channels so you can view even more.

    Go for an Entertainment Spin with Fios TV Test Drive

    Ramp up your TV with the power and selection of Fios

    Think of it as an experiment for TV watching. You get a buffet of 425+ channels for sixty days, during which time you can watch the content that appeals to you. Afterward, the Verizon digital tool will analyze your top choices and recommend a Fios TV package for you.

    To start, sign up for the Fios TV Test Drive option. Take time to watch new shows and explore what you like, and our content analysis will recommend a Fios TV package based on your household's viewing preferences. Elevate your TV viewing to a whole new level with Fios TV Test Drive.

    Additional TV Options


    Verizon Fios TV has you covered with two fantastic options: Fios TV Mundo and Fios TV Mundo Total. With Fios TV Mundo, you access the best in Spanish entertainment and sports, including ESPN Deportes and Telemundo. With Fios TV Mundo Total, you get every Fios TV Mundo channel along with your favorite regional sports channels.

    • Choose between Fios TV Mundo and Fios TV Mundo Total
    • Watch your favorite sports channels
    • Add regional sports channels with Fios TV Mundo Total


    Fios TV is a sports-lover’s dream come true. If you’re an all-around fan, the SportsPass add on is the way to go: For an additional cost you can get NFL RedZone, which brings you Sunday afternoon touchdowns, plus the best NCAA broadcasts and additional channels for unique sports. Prefer one sport over the rest? Choose a sport-specific package like MLB EXTRA INNINGS, NHL CENTER ICE, and more.

    • Watch all your favorites with SportsPass
    • Enjoy NFL highlights with NFL RedZone
    • Find sport-specific packages for basketball, hockey, and more


    Spanish-language packages aren’t your only choice for international programming. Along with Spanish Fios TV, for an additional cost you can find Italian-, Hindi-, Punjabi-, Chinese-, and Portuguese-language channels and packages. In total, Verizon Fios TV offers 115 international-language channels, and the Spanish package alone offers 70 Spanish channels with several in HD.

    • Get 70 Spanish-language channels with multiple HD options
    • Scroll 115 channels with languages like Armenian, Hindi, and more

    Savor award-winning shows with premium channels.

    Sports channels aren’t the only programs you can add on to your Fios TV packages. If you’re invested in the latest shows, you need the premium channels that bring your favorite content straight to your home.

    Whatever Fios TV package you have, it’s easy to add one or more channels to your Fios subscription to get more of the movies and episodes you want, when you want them.

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    View Entertainment in Whole New Light with Verizon Stream TV

    Ready to watch TV like never before? With Verizon Stream TV you can expect a crystal-clear picture, stream your favorite shows, and quickly navigate from one show to the next with a Google assistant remote.

    Verizon Stream TV can support multiple streaming platforms, including Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. It’s easy to install and comes out-of-the-box ready to integrate with Google services.

    Android TV

    Verizon Stream TV works in conjunction with Android TV, an Android-based box that uses Google services and your home Wi-Fi connection to bring your favorite titles right to your TV. Since Stream TV features built-in Chromecast, you can project your pictures, videos, or music from your Android phone straight to your TV screen.

    Built-In Google Assistant

    Let your Google Assistant do the work when it comes to navigating your channels. Using your Google assistant remote, hold the button and speak commands for the content you want, such as “show me popular documentaries,” “play my music,” or “go to Disney+.”

    4K UHD Capability

    With 4K Ultra High Definition enabled devices, you can take your picture resolution from zero to whoa in no time. Experience resolution that’s four times stronger than a regular HD display. And bask in the bold colors and crisp lines that 4K UHD provides. Try it now with your Stream TV plan.

    Introduce Alexa to Fios TV.

    Fios TV just got better than ever by partnering with Amazon Alexa to give you hands-free voice control. Once you integrate Alexa with your DVR, you can use voice commands to channel hop—Alexa, switch to ESPN; Alexa, change the channel to Disney Channel—making your viewing experience as fun, fast, and simple as possible.

    Along with switching channels without a remote, Alexa can help you find videos On Demand, scan the channel guide, and rewind, pause, play, or fast-forward whatever you’re watching. Alexa + your Fios TV DVR is easy for anyone to use, child or adult alike.

    Catch your faves virtually anywhere with the Fios TV app.

    Are you ready to watch your favorite shows virtually anytime, anyplace? With the Fios TV app you can stream content—including saved DVR episodes, movies and TV shows on premium channels, live TV, and On Demand programming. You don’t have to wait until a tech arrives to set up your Verizon Fios services either. Download the app immediately after ordering, set up your account, and start watching. With all your favorite shows assembled in one convenient place, the Fios TV app is the only mobile streaming app you’ll ever want.

    Experience Fios TV One and get the best
    Fios TV experience.

    Streaming has never been easier with Fios TV One. Get cutting-edge tech for your next night in with a Fios TV voice remote, 4K capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Netflix integration. Just speak the title you want to watch, and Fios TV One will tune in to your favorite TV show while you heat up your food. Simple as that. Plus, when you add Multi-Room DVR Service, you'll have the ability to store one terabyte of all those gasp-worthy season finales you recorded. all those gasp-worthy season finales. Here’s what you get with Fios TV One:

    • Fios TV Voice Remote. Change channels, search for shows, or set up your DVR with just a few words.
    • 4K ^ See the latest shows as they were meant to be seen.
    • Netflix Integration. One of your favorite streaming services integrates seamlessly.
    • Wi-Fi Connectivity. There’s no need for a coax outlet, so your TV can fit in your home anywhere.
    Fios App Icon

    Immediate access to start streaming with the Fios TV app.

    If you're anxious to start watching the next episode of Legion or the latest reality TV show, you don't have to wait until a tech arrives to set up your Verizon Fios services. Instead, download the Fios TV app immediately after ordering, set up your account, and start watching Fios TV immediately after you place your order.

    With the Fios TV app, you can also stream live TV, movies and shows on premium channels, On Demand, and saved DVR episodes, too. With all your shows assembled in one app, the Fios TV app is the only streaming app you'll ever want.

    • Quickly, easily pull up the Fios TV channel guide
    • Store all your favorites in one place
    • Watch live TV, On Demand shows, DVR content, and more on the app
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    Experience the difference of the 100% fiber-optic network from Verizon

    Fios brings high-definition TV,  Internet, and digital home phone straight to you, and it’s all thanks to the 100% fiber-optic network that gives your home the fastest and most reliable internet available. The more devices you have, the more you’ll want the 100% fiber-optic network.

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