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Fios by Verizon brings you reliable, fiber-fast home services.


w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.4

w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges. For 200/200 Mbps.4

Save more, do more with Fios internet deals in Macedon, NY

If you’re looking into faster-than-light fiber internet, there’s a Verizon Fios deal for you in Macedon, NY. Want more than a Verizon Fios internet-only plan? Open your home up to more entertainment choices with Verizon Fios packages.

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200/200 Mbps

  • Easily browse, chat and email
  • Equal upload and download speeds


w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.4

  • Disney+ for 12 months on us then $6.99 after.9

400/400 Mbps

  • Great for video chatting and streaming both music and movies
  • Upload and download large files simultaneously


w/ Auto Pay + taxes & equip. charges.8

  • Disney+ for 12 months on us then $6.99 after.9

Fios Gigabit Connection up to 940/880 Mbps

  • Virtually seamless streaming on multiple devices including 4K HD
  • Our fastest upload and download speeds available


w/ Auto Pay + taxes.5

  • The Marvel's Avengers game on us12
  • Disney+ for 12 months on us then $6.99 after.9
  • Stream TV included°°°
  • Router rental included

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    Access Verizon Fios home internet plans in Macedon, NY.

    Ready to improve your home with the best internet available? Get lightspeed internet with Verizon plans that suit every lifestyle. Whether you only need 100 Mbps or want to go higher for virtually lag-free gaming and streaming, there’s a Verizon home internet plan for you.

    The 100% fiber-optic Verizon Fios network ensures you can achieve the best possible speeds from any room in your home. When you choose Verizon internet-only service, you can look forward to a reliable connection that sustains all your online activities. Find the right Fios Internet speed at the right price for you today:

    • 200/200 Mbps: $39.99/mo
    • Up to 940/880: $79.99/mo

    Watch what you love with Verizon Fios TV in Macedon, NY.

    With the 100% fiber-optic Verizon Fios network, fuzzy cable signals and blurry images are things of the past. Verizon Fios TV uses high-speed fiber internet to bring hundreds of channel options directly to your living room with stunning picture quality. Cut the cable cord and bring your TV up to speed with Fios TV.

    Your Verizon Fios TV channel options are as broad as your imagination, so it’s simple to find a package that includes your family’s favorites. Verizon Fios Custom TV lets you pay for the types of channels you love to watch instead of paying extra for those you don’t. Or choose from more extensive packages:

    • Verizon Fios Preferred HD gives you access to comedy, sports, and entertainment.
    • Verizon Fios Extreme HD is perfect for film and sports lovers alike.
    • Verizon Fios Ultimate HD gives you every channel you want, including premium channels.

    Fios TV and internet bundles in Macedon, NY.

    Life is about choices—and Verizon provides the maximum amount possible with a huge range of bundles, service options, and channels, including channels local to Macedon, NY.

    Verizon bundles also help you do more for less. Combining your Verizon Fios TV and internet services ensures you pay one convenient bill and that you access the exact services (and channels!) you want and need. And depending on which of the Verizon Fios bundles you choose, you don’t even have to sign a contract to retain your services:

    • Verizon Fios Triple Play bundles include home phone, internet, and your choice of TV services.
    • Verizon Fios Double Play bundles combine TV and internet on the most reliable fiber network.

    See packages available in your area.

    Contact Verizon Fios customer service in Macedon, NY.

    Have questions about Fios? Looking for technical assistance or help with bill pay? Call the Verizon Fios customer support number at 1-800-836-4966, or find the right Verizon Fios phone number for your specific need on the customer service page.

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